BATMAN: The Ride - Coming in 2019

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Free-Fly Coaster, Batman™: The Ride to Open at

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2019


A Fantastic 4D, Flipping, Weightless Coaster Experience


VALLEJO, Calif. — August 30, 2018 — Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the Thrill Capital of Northern California, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, announces the opening in Spring 2019 of the park’s most innovative new coasters to date  —   Batman: The Ride  themed after one of the world’s most iconic DC Super Heroes. Riders on this 4D wing coaster will experience a sensory overload as they flip head-over-heels at least six times along a weightless, tumbling journey with unexpected drops and vertical free-falls. 

“As the world leader in thrills, Six Flags continues to raise the bar to deliver the most unique and innovative experiences in the industry,” said Park President Don McCoy. “On Batman: The Ride, riders are suspended outward on either side of the track as the cars flip continuously throughout the course of the ride. This coaster is a game-changer and the perfect complement to our already impressive DC Super Hero and Super-Villain lineup which includes Superman Ultimate Flight, The Joker and Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster.”

After being lifted straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill, thrill-seekers will experience exhilarating leaps and dives along a horizontal plane, with unexpected drops as they tumble from one level to the next. The pandemonium and chaos ramps up since there is no track above or below — just the sky, ground, and plenty of sinister thrills. 


The unique design of Batman: The Ride features:  

·         A massive, imposing, floating and twisting I-box track frame in a unique two-tone design;

·         One-of-a-kind onboard magnetic technology featuring smooth head-over-heels free-fly flips, giving guests the feeling of weightlessness as they soar outside the confines of a traditional track;

·         4D wing vehicles that seat up to eight per vehicle with a total of five vehicles;

·         Face-off seats that allow riders to face each other as they tumble head-over-heels;

·         A 120-foot-tall, 90-degree hill that is ascended by an elevator-style, chain link lift; and

·         Two beyond 90-degree “raven” drops giving the sensation of free-falling.