Whatever your plans are, our Guide to Magic Mountain takes the stress out of planning and gives you all the information you need to create the best itinerary that fits your way of travel.
We’ve done all the hard work for you and have researched and refined our guide to offer the best and most accurate advice for your trip to the "Thrill Capital of the World." You’ll want to bookmark this guide, as we are constantly updating it.



Magic Mountain is a Six Flags owned park that spans over 262 acres of non stop thrills. The Valencia theme park has a well known history for being the "Thrill Capital of the World," boasting 19 coasters, more than any other park on the planet. 

>> The birth of a thrill park  - The Santa Clarita town wanted something fun and entertaining, so the park was proposed and built in 1970 by the Newhall Land & Farm Company. Magic Mountain opened on May 29, 1971 to the public with 33 attractions. The unique feature of the park is the beautiful landscaped mountain. That's right, the park sits on top of a mountain, hence the name. After many years, its form has changed to accommodate all the heart pumping rides that hug the terrain. On top of the mountain sits the iconic Sky Tower, a 38-story observation tower that can be seen from miles away. All of these different factors add up to a fantastic theme park experience that you won't regret visiting.

Planning Time

The biggest decision and our most-asked question are when to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain. With the park now being open 365 days a year, the weather, school schedule, and public holidays play a major role. Avoiding any public holidays throughout the year is a good rule of thumb. Our information is based on our own personal experience and references to other sources.

Best months to visit - Off Season
January - February, September, and November

What is off season? Off Season is when the park less populate due to schools being in session and there aren't many holidays. Keep note that parks including Magic Mountain, take the time to do maintenance work on some of their attractions, so not all will be available.  This is as well the transition periods between popular events like Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park.

OK months to visit - Shoulder Season
March - May

What is shoulder season? Shoulder Season is when the park may be a little more busy than usual. In some cases, Spring Break is a popular time to come so try to avoid Easter week as much as possible.

Worst months to visit - Peak Season
October, June - August, Late December

What is Peak Season? Peak Season is the most popular months of the year. This usually is during popular holidays and summer break. Peak Season tends to bring the park to capacity and hour waits for majority of the attractions. Flash Passes are recommended to purchase during the summer season.  If you happen to make a trip during these months, make sure to check out the limited time entertainment around the park.

Splitting Between Los Angeles and the Park

Los Angeles is a popular city and has easy access to areas such as Santa Monica Pier and Universal Studios Hollywood. A week in Los Angeles is doable with plenty of time at the park and soaking in what the city has to offer:

Universal Studios Hollywood
Santa Monica Beach - Pacific Park
OUE Skyspace LA
Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Various Art Museums in Los Angeles 


>> Six Flags’s ticketing system is separated by three tiers: General Admission, Season Passes and the VIP Experience. While the General Admission is the top seller for the park, be sure to check out the VIP Experience if you’re interested in participating in learning park history, good dining, and front of the line privileges for rides. 
Here’s a very brief breakdown of the ticket options:

  • One Day General Admission - $84.99

  • One-Day Child Ticket (Child under 48") - $59.99

  • Children 2 & Under - FREE Admission

Having said that, we always encourage you to purchase tickets online on Magic Moutain’s official website located at sixflags.com/magicmountain. This saves you the hassle of waiting in line to access a ticket booth when you arrive at the park’s entrance, and gives you the benefit of proceeding directly to the turnstiles. 
On any given day, this could save at least 20 – 30 minutes of queuing.

>> If you’re the purchaser of a new season pass, be sure to head straight to season pass processing. Six Flags also uses fingerprints to identify season passes for safety purposes. If you happen to lose your pass, you can replace one for 25$ or if you happen to leave it home, you can get a complimentary one day pass at Will Call directly to the right of the main gate.

The season passes are something you'd want to get if you are going to visit the park frequently.
Here's a breakdown of the season pass & membership options:

One Park Pass - $149.99 

  • Unlimited admission to Magic Mountain only

  • Unlimited admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks including Six Flags Discovery Kingdom except water parks

  • Bonus free friend ticket on select day

Two Park Pass - $179.99

  • Unlimited admission to Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles

  • Unlimited admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks

  • Bonus free friend ticket for Pass Holders on select day

Gold Pass - $269.99

  • All of the regular Season Pass or Membership benefits

  • Season or Membership Parking for any park

  • Extra free friend ticket for Gold Pass Holders on a select day


Magic Mountain has various types of attractions. Rides run continuously throughout the day, while most traditional shows have a preset number of performances, with an average of an hour between show times. Most shows are around 15 – 30 minutes long, while most rides don’t last longer than 7 minutes. One of our tips has always been to schedule your day around the park's layout as we think of it as a clock. Rides should naturally fit themselves in, but like we mentioned above, we recommend you plan ahead to prevent unnecessary trips around the whole entire park.

Wait times vary, but you wouldn't be able to get through everything within the park hours on an average day with decent park attendance. This is why we suggest you plan your day ahead of time.


Generally speaking, Six Flags Magic Mountain is fine for children!  In fact, Six Flags offers discounted admission for those under 48″ tall. Children also get to have fun in the park in the newly renovated Bugs Bunny World and Whistlestop Park areas of the park as there are plenty of tamer rides and even a kids show to enjoy.


You've finally reached this section, the most important on this page. We'll give you detailed insider information on how to survive the park whenever you go.

Tip #1 : Arrive at the park EARLY., not 11, not 12, but we suggest to arrive at 9:00 am. Though the park opens at 10:30, the main entrance gets pretty packed by 9:30 - 10 am. 
The One Day Parking cost is $20, but if you are a season pass holder, you can buy a 65$ pass for the whole year. If you have a Gold Pass, parking is included on your pass.

Tip #2 :  Magic Mountain is a complex oval shaped park.  Think of it as a clock. NEVER start your adventure going CLOCKWISE, start counter clockwise. The general public always makes the mistake to head to X2 and Tatsu, two of the park's most popular coasters, and most of the time, they don't open with the park. You'll usually waste the first hour of your visit if you head that direction.

Tip #3 : Be wise on how you spend your money in the park. A lot of parks now a days are really expensive, and if you want delicious high quality food in the park, check out FT Sports Bar, Twisted Wiches, Chop Six, or Katy's Kettle.

Tip #4 : If roller-coasters or record breaking thrills aren't your thing, it's sad to say, but you just won't have as good of a time! We would suggest visitng Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Knott's Berry Farm instead. Magic Mountain is considered a thrill park, and is best suited for the daring and who seek to live their lives in a full throttle fashion. In case you don't have a choice, there are some several attractions that you might be interested in checking out!

Tip #5 : If you decide to head up towards Ninja or Superman, make sure you take the Orient Express located in Six Flags Plaza.  If you are in Metropolis by Gold Rusher, prepare to walk up the hill if heading to one of those attractions. If you happen to be by Tatsu, take the stair that lead up to Samurai Summit, located beside Soda Springs.

Tip #6 : Go enjoy the park, love the magic of the mountain, and most importantly, have fun!