Voted the Best Theme Park Halloween Event by USA TODAY readers, this year's Fright Fest will be the biggest and scariest in the park’s history. The bone-chilling lineup of haunted attractions features two new scare zones and three new mazes, including a terrifying new maze based off of the upcoming movie, Hell Fest. We've created a guide to help you experience everything at this must-do event! Here is everything you need to know before you experience Fright Fest in 2018.

When to Visit Magic Mountain Fright Fest


Fright Fest typically starts mid-September and runs on select nights through late October. In 2018, it runs on select nights from Sept. 15 through Oct. 28. Unlike most theme park halloween events, this is not a separate-ticketed event. What makes this event unique is the transformation from the regular park into the haunt event. Days prior to Halloween, the park may sell out, meaning they are all crowded with hour waits for most attractions. We advise to go to the event on Sundays or at the beginning of the event's run.

Fright Fest Park Operating Hours and Dates:
10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. :
SEPTEMBER 15, 22, 28, 29,
OCTOBER 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. :
SEPTEMBER 16, 23, 30
OCTOBER 7, 14, 21, 28

Fright Fest Event Hours: 
7pm - Park Closing

P A R K  A D M I S S I O N
Fright Fest Opening Sale Tickets - $53.99
Full Price General Admission  - $89.99

P A R K I N G 
General Parking - $25.00
Preferred Parking - $35.00
Valet Parking - $45.00

M A Z E  P A S S E S

Since Magic Mountain's haunt is not a separate-ticketed event, you are required to purchase a maze pass in order to go through their mazes. The passes may be purchased on the Six Flags App or in the front of the Six Flags Emporium, Studio 6F and Hero Haven

Regular Maze Pass - $18.00 - Allows you unlimited access through the mazes all night.

Express Maze Pass - $33.00 - Allows you unlimited front-of-the-line access through the mazes all night. 
(There's limited availability)



Hell Fest - A masked killer turns a horror themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show. Now it's your turn to attend Hell Fest, where all of your screams come true...Will you make it out alive? Room by room, guests must find their way out, or risk being trapped by “The Other,” the movie’s deranged antagonist. The film opens in theaters nationwide on September 28. For more information, visit
Located behind Full Throttle Plaza

Condemned – Forever Damned - Attend an open house at the recently abandoned home of a habitual collector of things where the walls are alive and the spirits of those who once lived there unleash their fury on anyone who dares enter.
Located behind Full Throttle Plaza

Sewer of Souls - Venture through an underground world of lost souls and terrifying tunnels where evil oozes.Dare to enter a foul-smelling wretched wasteland, sure to raise a few hairs…luring you in and then leaving you to fend for yourself. If not your favorite maze, definitely number two.
Located on Samurai Summit next to Ninja


Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising - Covering more than 40,000 square feet, this massive maze will strike terror into the brave souls entering a post-apocalyptic city, Ash Valley, inhabited by nomad warriors who rule with bone-crushing iron fists and where the dead stalk the living. Larger-than-life props, fire, fog and other special effects make this a must-experience maze. This is the park's most popular and the region’s largest outdoor maze ever built.
Located in the back corner by Apocalypse The Ride

Red’s Revenge - Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house you go, but this twisted storybook of horrors turns innocent fairy tales against you. An evil Little Red Riding Hood is out to seek deadly revenge on all who trespass her grandmother’s house.
Located behind Full Throttle Sports Bar

Willoughby’s Resurrected - The longest running maze at Fright Fest continues it’s legacy of frights in this revamped version..A reincarnation of the Willoughby family’s beloved haunted mansion that includes hair-raising horror down long harrowing hallways and around each nightmarish-turn.
Located on Samurai Summit next to Ninja

S C A R E  Z O N E S

Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to the most scare zones in any theme park in Southern California.
Fright Fest brings some of the best scare zones to life with convincing sets and high quality cinema-like makeup created by The Scream Team.

City Under Siege - Back by popular demand.The insane and unruly run rampant in the streets of DC UNIVERSE. Prepare to feel really uncomfortable with these comic-like characters running amuck..
(UNLEASHED Opening Scaremony)
 If you are in the DC Universe area just before 7 p.m. be sure to catch the opening “scaremony,” when they release the monsters and you find yourself immersed in your first terrifying scare zone of the night. You must be in place  — near the entrance to the BATMAN: The Ride — before 6:30 p.m. to watch it.

Witch's Lair - Step into a wicked haven for cauldrons, broomsticks, spells and magic.
Located in the City of METROPOLIS area

The Shadows - Eerie whispers, long windy howls and mysterious gory creatures lurk among us.
Located in Cyclone Bay

TERRORtory Twisted - The Screampunk District has been transformed into the biggest scare zone ever where Steam-spewing mechanical beasts relentlessly hunt down their victims.Beware of the terrifying giant spider looming at the entrance.
Located in Screampunk District

Demon's Door - Welcome to HELL... Make your way to the underworld, where evil spirits and demonic creatures run rampant through the streets in search of new victims.
(ESCAPE Ending Ceremony)
The monsters gather at Demon's Door and refuse to let you leave Fright Fest. Attempt to escape these gates beginning every night one hour before park closing. 
Located in Six Flags Plaza

Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy - Your favorite bedtime stories get an evil twist. Once these fairytale creatures step into the black light, they turn into hideous misfits.
Located in Rapids Camp Crossing/Mining Town

Exile Hill - The dead have risen. Hollow-eyed, dead souls roam the haunted hill in search of new spirits to take. Enter with caution and watch out for what’s waiting at the top of the hill.
Located in Samurai Summit

Traveling Scare Squads - Crazed mischievous run amok throughout the park..... there's nowhere to hide!


Voodoo Nights - The hottest place to be, with great bands, DJs, sizzling dancers and dark fun. Join us for a special "Witching Hour" treat! It's sure to be thrilling.
Located in Full Throttle Plaza

High Sierra Hypnotist - Prepare yourself for a mystical, edge-of-your-seat, comical stage show.
Located in Golden Bear Theater

- T I P S & T R I C K S - 

- If you want to get the best experience, see the Unleashed! scaremony in DC Universe. The ceremony starts at exactly 7pm.

- Tackle the three mazes by Full Throttle Plaza first. It will be the easiest to access and they tend to get the highest wait times. 
Two mazes are new this year are Hell Fest & Condemned, which can be found parallel to each other.  The only returning maze in the area is Red's Revenge and it's a trek to get to the actual building. 

- Head up to Samurai Summit to enjoy two other mazes, Willoughby's Resurrected and Sewer of Souls. Keep in mind that Sewer of Souls may have a long wait due to it's capacity. 

- You want to do Aftermath 2 last. What better way to end your maze experience with the biggest one. It's also in the very dead corner of the park, Cyclone Bay, and will be the only attraction open in the area.

- Experience all the scare zones and shows. One of the best things about Fright Fest is the make up and atmospheres of their scare zones. The actors are incredible and very dedicated to their roles. Interact with them and don't harass them. Go enjoy the Voodoo Doll Dancers at VooDoo Nights, there are three different sets of dances each hour. 

- End your night with Escape, the closing ceremony in Demon's Door. All the roaming monster in each zone make their last hunt at the front of the park one hour before park closing.